Marine Insurance

What is Hull Insurance?

Hull insurance is specially designed to protect the owners against losses caused by ship damage expenses.

Who is Covered for Hull Insurance?

Boat manufacturers
Fleet owners
Ferry operators
Ship managers
Charter and tourist boat operators
Ship operators
Ship mortagegers
Resorts with boat transfers
Shipyard owners
Yacht Clubs
Water Sports Companies

What is Cargo Insurance?

A large number of risks are always present when goods are moved across the sea, land or air. Whether it’s from the time the goods leave your warehouse, throughout the course of transit or until delivery to the final warehouse, keeping them safe is highly important, and at the same time, challenging. Cargo insurance protects you as the buyer or seller, against various hazards related to the movement of goods or cargo. 

Who is Covered for Cargo Insurance?

Freight forwarders
Logistics Companies
Trucking companies

Hull Insurance Coverage

Hull and Machinery Insurance Philippines

Hull & Machinery

Covers loss of or damage to a ship, its machinery and equipment 

War and Strikes Insurance Philippines

War & Strikes

Provides for losses or damages arising out of war, civil war, rebellion, strikers and terrorism

Shipbuilders Protection Insurance Philippines

Shipbuilder’s Protection

Intended for shipyards against loss of or damage to a ship under construction

Ship-repairer’s Liability

Protects ship repairers against legal liabilities due to loss of or damage to a vessel being repaired under their care, custody and control

Terminal Operator’s Liability

Cargo Insurance Coverage

Seafreight Cover

Through navigable bodies of water by means of vessel.

Airfreight Insurance Philippines

Airfreight Cover

By means of aircraft.

Inland Insurance Philippines

Inland Cover

Through dry land by means of LTO-registered vehicles.

Stock Throughput Cover

Provides seamless cover for all moveable goods (inventory) that are subject of the insured’s trade, including raw materials, semi-finished and finished products.

Container Insurance Cover Philippines

Container Insurance Cover

Covers various types of containers or tanks used in transporting cargo or any moveable properties while they are in transit or in a container yard.

Cargo In Transit Insurance Philippines

Cargo in Transit

Ensures recovery from cargo losses due to: 

  • Fire, explosion, stranding, grounding, sinking or capsizing of cargo vessel or craft
  • Overturning or derailment of land conveyance
  • Collision or contact of cargo vessel with any external object other than water 
  • Both-to-blame collision


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